Fantasy League of Legends platform goes live

Can you build the ultimate roster to dominate your friends?

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Belgian-Brazilian brewing group AB InBev, which produces Budweiser, Stella Artois, and Corona, has launched an exclusive fantasy game for League of Legends. 

The game is currently in beta, but you can still sign-up to compete against your friends and LoL influencers with your handpicked team made up of players for the LCS and LEC spring 2021 splits. You can even participate in a special Dot Esports league using sign-up code 756-634-357.

Image via Esports Fantasy follows the same fundamentals as Fantasy Football Leagues. Users or “Managers” are tasked with picking 10 players (two for each position) to form a main team and a substitute team. The selected players will then earn points based on their individual weekly performance in the Rift. 

Managers are then ranked against each other in a general leaderboard, with the option to join influencer leagues using a code or creating their own to directly challenge their friends. Prizes are also up for grabs for the top three players as well as influencer league specific giveaways. 

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One of the key aspects that differentiate Esports Fantasy from other fantasy games is that managers can select any players for their team, so multiple users can draft the same player, so long as they remain within the set budget of 10,000 Gold.

The budget forces players to think critically about which positions, teams, and players they want to focus on when selecting players for their roster because better players are valued at a higher base Gold cost. Drafting the right combination of expensive top-tier talent and cheaper players who you think might have a good year is key. 

Managers will also be able to buy and sell players throughout the season if they want to make some serious roster changes, and player prices fluctuate all season based on performance. 

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Because AB InBev already sponsors the LCS, and multiple other esport-related initiatives, using several of its brands like Bud Light, creating a way to get fans more involved with the matches was a priority. As well as working to improve the game with new functionalities, the company is delving into the esports world to interact with fans with initiatives like the BudKnight or by creating spaces for fans to come together. 

Here are the basics you need to know for competing on Esports Fantasy. 

Choosing Your Team 

  • 10 players must be selected to each team, with each player representing an individual gold value
  • Each user will have 10,000 gold to spend on their rosters, though the total value of the 10 combined players can’t exceed the 10,000 gold amount
  • Each roster must have two players per position, meaning two of each Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, and Support
  • A maximum of two players from a single team can be selected, which applies to LEC and LCS

Main Roster

  • Every week will have a manager select five players to represent their main roster for a round — one player per position
  • Main Roster players will earn full points, while substitute players who are left on the bench will earn 25 percent of their total fantasy points for that round
  • If a player on a main roster does not play, they will instantly be subbed out for the player on the bench in their corresponding position
  • Each manager will also select a shot caller on their main roster before each round deadline
  • A shot caller will have their final points doubled for that round, though if they do not play, no points will be doubled


  • Points are awarded individually based on a player’s performance during matches throughout a season
  • Starters receive 100 percent of their points, benched players earn 25 percent of their points, and the shot caller earns double their points for each round they play in

Here are how the points will be awarded to each player. 

Milestone ActionPoint Reward
Winning the Game50 points
Quick Win Bonus (under 30 minutes)50 points
Did Not Die During Game20 points
Dominance FactorFive points (multiplied by Dominance Factor)
1k Gold EarnedTwo points per 1,000 gold
Creep ScoreOne point per 10 minions killed
1k of Damage HealedThree points per 1,000 damage healed
Wards Placed/DestroyedOne point per two Wards
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You can register to play Esports Fantasy right now by visiting the platform’s official website.