Everything you need to know about the CoD: Mobile Counter Intelligence event

Earn rewards by infiltrating enemy territories across Europe.

Image via Activision

The featured event for Call of Duty: Mobile’s 13th season is here. The Counter Intelligence event makes players fight in a diplomatic war across Europe while collecting amazing rewards on the way.

Players can find the Counter Intelligence on the events tab in Call of Duty: Mobile. The key to progressing in this event is through agents that can be used to infiltrate enemy territories across Europe and earn rewards.

How to get agents?

To get the valuable intel needed to win this war, agents are required. You can get agents by playing standard battle royale or multiplayer games.

Playing the Grind mode on the Summit playlist, however, will give more agents. The number of agents you get from each match will be indicated by a “hat icon” on the post-match menu.

How to use these agents?

The agents can then be used to infiltrate enemy territories. In the Counter Intelligence event menu, click on the “View Map” on the bottom right.

You will see a map of Europe. Players will start in West Germany. After infiltrating this area, new areas around it will unlock for players to infiltrate.

Screengrab via Activision


Image via Activision

The Counter Intelligence event will give players a lot of rewards such as winter-themed skins for a variety of weapons. Whenever you infiltrate a new area, a new reward will be unlocked.

If you manage to reach all the way to the heart of the enemy’s operation, Moscow, you will get the Outlaw sniper rifle with Arctic threat camo.

Screengrab via Activision

Infiltrating all 21 locations will reward players with Terrance Brooks - Deep Snow.

Screengrab via Activision