Everything you need to know about Payload mode 2.0 in PUBG Mobile

Missiles, rocket launchers, helicopters, and vehicles with flamethrowers make this an action-packed mode.

Image via PUBG Mobile

The main highlight of PUBG Mobile’s 1.0 version was the new user interface and Erangel 2.0. The revamped version of the classic map updated the visuals, textures, and added several new elements. There is another exciting feature coming in season 15, however, and that is version 2.0 of the Payload mode. 

The Payload mode is an Evo-ground battle royale mode and is quite different from the classic one in PUBG Mobile. It first made its appearance in the game in October 2019. The Payload 2.0 has now been revealed in the version 1.0 patch notes and is considerably different from the main version with several additions being made. 

Armed vehicles

Version 2.0 of the Payload mode will have fully-armed vehicles. All four-wheelers except the Buggy will be mounted with two flamethrowers in the front which are controlled by the driver. They have a limited range and burn down enemies within seconds. The flamethrowers can also be switched on inside the water to make the vehicle drivable. 

There is another weapon mounted on the vehicles to give the passenger something to do. These are either machine guns or grenade throwers.

With such explosive damage being done in the Payload mode, all vehicles have been given extra armor, which has increased their overall health. 

New Items

Man-portable radar: These can be deployed at any location. They scan in a specific radius around them. The player will be able to spot all cars, helicopters, and boats in their minimap when they use it. 

UAV Controller: This item can be used in a specific direction which flies along the map. Upon using it, a UAV is deployed whose missile launcher is controlled by the player. The player will be able to launch missiles to take down enemies. 

Bomb suit: The bomb suit is a new full-body armor in the Payload 2.0 mode. Players will take considerably lesser damage when it’s worn. 

New heavy weaponry

AT4-A laser-guided missile: This is a laser-guided missile. When it is fired, players can aim the laser at the location on which they want the missile to land. 

M202 four-barreled rocket launcher: This rocket launcher has a high firing speed because it is four barreled. Thus, four rocket launchers can be quickly fired back-to-back. 

Other features

New armed helicopter: The new helicopter in Payload mode 2.0 is armed with machine guns which can be used by the passengers. 

Advanced communications tower: This tower was present in the previous version of the Payload mode as well. They can be used to recall dead teammates. 

Super weapon crates: These can be found on the map and contain powerful items and heavy weaponry. 

When will the Payload mode 2.0 release?

Tencent still hasn’t announced a release date for Payload 2.0. The patch notes mention that the mode is “coming soon.”