Everything we know about the new game coming from Respawn, Apex Legends’ developer

Pathfinder’s voice actor revealed that he’s working on a new Respawn game.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The voice actor for Apex Legends’ Pathfinder Chris Edgerly let it slip that he’s working on a new game for Respawn Entertainment, which will be revealed in September. With no additional information provided, fans are speculating on what that game might be.

Edgerly shared an article in a tweet today that teases a new Respawn game that will be revealed sometime this month. The news has data miner The Gaming Merchant theorizing what the game might be.

The data miner outlines everything there is to know about Respawn’s next venture while shedding some light on Edgerly.

Who is Chris Edgerly?

Despite voicing everyone’s favorite deadly robot, Edgerly has reprised a wide array of acting roles. The voice actor played Eeth Koth in the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars, as well as several roles in Celebrity Deathmatch. He was also on The Simpsons, voicing characters like Marv Szyslak and Mr. Waffle.

And even though Edgerly isn’t the greatest gamer, he still takes time out of his busy schedule to play Apex with fans.

What can the new game be?

Although the game hasn’t been released yet, what we do know is that Edgerly will be working on a performance-capture role for a Respawn game. This would require the voice actor to don sensors that will track his movements, insuring realistic motions for the character he’ll be playing.

The Gaming Merchant has some ideas on what the new role may be.

“Chris Edgerly is being brought back on to live the role of Pathfinder for a new Respawn Entertainment game or perhaps he’s being brought on for another role,” the data miner said. “Another Star Wars game? Titanfall 3? Apex Legends 2: The Pre-Sequel? Who knows?”

Playing Pathfinder would be the easiest guess, but due to Edgerly’s versatile voice acting, it’s very likely that Respawn was so happy with his work that it’s bringing him on for another title.

What would happen to Apex if Respawn’s developers take on another title?

Apex has developed a core community of gamers who appreciate the revolutionary battle royale that brought never-before-used mechanics like respawning and character abilities. Fans may worry that a new game would impede on the developers’ ability to fix bugs, add new content, and interact with the community. With Apex still in its freshman year, is adding a new title to Respawn’s to-do list a smart move?

Well, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the upcoming action-adventure game scheduled for release in November, is coming to fruition. Because this is a single-player game, it’s unlikely that developers will need to continuously patch it and add content to it. This means that developers may be free to work on other titles and even jump on Apex.

With the battle royale’s continued success, it’s unlikely that Respawn’s developers would allocate all of its resources to a new title. Apex continues to pump out new content, with season three scheduled to release in October and new events coming every month, making the game a top priority for the developers.

Fans eager to hear about Respawn’s newest venture shouldn’t have to wait much longer.

Update Sept. 9 8pm CT: The Gaming Merchant tweeted that he believes the new title to be a Titanfall game.