Everything we know about Pokémon UNITE’s Holiday Festivities Snowball Battle gamemode

The new mode has a ton of unique additions.

Image via TiMi Studio

Pokémon UNITE’s Holiday Festivities are now live. With the addition of new Holowear and player cosmetics, a new game mode is now available in the game called Snowball Battle in Shivre City.

While this mode functions similarly to the regular mode, there are a ton of new additions to mix things up. From new items and moves to new wild Pokémon, there’s a lot to check out during this limited-time event.

Winter Festivities will run until Jan. 16. If you want to check out the new mode, here’s everything you should know.

Snowball Battle in Shivre City

Image via TiMi Studio

Snowball Battle in Shivre City is a new mode that sends players into the game without any Battle Items and a handful of twists to mix things up. During the event, you can earn yourself loot by completing Illumination Challenges.

When a player is killed, they will become a Snowman that remains active until they are ready to respawn. During this time, players can use a handful of special moves, but none deal damage. They are simply to cheer on other players.

Special Moves

  • Jump
  • Cheer
  • Wave
  • Thumbs Up

By taking out wild Delibird in this new mode, players can earn themselves Battle Items. There are nine new unique battle items available. None of these are available in regular play; they are exclusively for this new mode.

  • Goal Zone Booster: Increases health and shield recovery of a goal zone for a small duration of time.
  • Gravity Smoke: Fire smoke at an opponent reducing their movement speed.
  • Magnet Puller: Pull an enemy Pokémon towards you reducing their movement speed.
  • Pokémon Propeller: Knock an enemy away by rapidly pushing them forward.
  • Recovery Bomb: Create a small area around you that heals allies faster and melts Snowmen while pushing enemies away.
  • Repositioner: Switch places with your opponent, their movement speed is also decreased.
  • Returning Smoke: Fire smoke that if successfully lands will send an enemy back to their base.
  • Snowball: Become a snowball that can roll around dealing damage on impact.
  • Unite Ball Charger: Score goals faster while also increasing your movement speed.