Everything to know about the Koffing Spotlight Hour in Pokémon Go

Just be ready to avoid all of the toxic fumes.

Image via Niantic

When Niantic releases each month’s content schedule for Pokémon Go, there are always smaller events spliced between bigger ones to balance out the game’s calendar, including Spotlight Hours.

Spotlight Hours are smaller, more limited versions of Pokémon Go’s Community Day events. They only run for an hour but still focus on one specific species of Pokémon. These are typically split up into at least three different events throughout the month, and for February 2022, one of the featured Pokémon is Koffing. 

Koffing is a Poison-type from generation one that has been widely available since Pokémon Go first launched in 2016, but the main thing players will want to use the Koffing Spotlight Hour on Feb. 15 for is Shiny hunting. 

Because Koffing and its evolved form Weezing aren’t very strong Pokémon or viable in the Go Battle League, most players will simply want to catch a lot of them to ensure they have the best odds at spawning a Shiny Koffing, which will be available during the Spotlight Hour at normal encounter odds. 

The Koffing Spotlight Hour will run from the usual 6pm to 7pm local time on Feb. 15, which means you will want to grab a few Incense to use in order to boost the number of encounters you will get during that time period because you can take advantage of the double capture experience.