Espeon can be unlocked for free in Pokémon UNITE

Special event missions will launch alongside the Psychic-type on May 16.

Espeon will arrive to Pokémon UNITE on May 16, 2022
Image via The Pokémon Company

Espeon was previously confirmed as the next playable Pokémon coming to Pokémon UNITE, however, some players were confused when initial datamines showed that the Psychic-type would seemingly be added to the game with only one way to obtain it—using premium in-game currency. 

Just like with most post-launch Pokémon, Espeon’s Unite License was listed as costing 575 Aeos Gems to grab at the in-game shop, which means players would need to spend real money to purchase Gems. The lack of Aeos Coin purchase option, however, has now been explained as TiMi Studio confirmed that a new set of special missions will give players a chance to unlock Espeon for free. 

Just like with other Pokémon like Hoopa in the past, Espeon will become available alongside a new event and corresponding missions. Completing all of the missions, which will be available from Espeon’s launch on May 16 to June 13, players can obtain a set of rewards and unlock Espeon without needing to use Aeos Coins or Gems. 

And, if you have the Aeos Coins available when Espeon is added to the game, you can purchase the new Unite License immediately, and completing the missions will instead reimburse you the same cost when you finish them. This will only apply to Aeos Coins and not the game’s premium currency, so if you use Gems to purchase Espeon you will still be given the equivalent price in Coins when you complete them. 

A special Holowear for Espeon will also be released at launch, which was also detailed in earlier datamines