ESIC bans 3 Legends of Runeterra players for cheating during the ESL Mobile Open

The three players have been banned for a year.

Image via ESIC

The Esports Integrity Commission, a non-profit members’ association for the investigation and prosecution of cheating in esports, has banned three Legends of Runeterra players today for a year for cheating during the ESL Mobile Open.

The esports watchdog said in an official statement that it received a complaint from ESL Asia regarding the “abnormal progression” of some players in the Asia-Pacific region of the ESL Mobile Open – Legends of Runeterra (ladder two) season one.

An investigation revealed that three players had colluded to indulge in “boosting behavior.” The players, Le Hiep, DiaComSuon, and Cuticini, have now been banned for 12 months until June 16, 2022. The bans were issued under article 2.4.4 of the code of conduct, which deals with cheating in a game or match.

Cuticini operated two fake accounts which were used for boosting. These are MUPBestsolo and Tran Huyen.

Of the banned players, Le Hiep placed fourth in the mobile open while Dia Com Suon got 38th place. Cuticini’s name couldn’t be spotted in the ladder results. It’s possible that the player may have deleted their account. Cuticini’s two fake accounts, MUPBestsolo and Tran Huyen were in 48th and 47th place respectively.

The second ladder for the ESL Mobile Open’s Legends of Runeterra competition happened across four weeks from May 14 to June 6. Players had to compete in at least 10 matches in a ladder format against other participants. Each win and loss determined the players’ ladder points. The players with the most points after the end of the four weeks were rewarded with the prize pool.