Epic League of Legends: Wild Rift cinematic showcases exclusive Dragonmancer Yi skin

"A Dragonmancer is always in their element."

Screengrab via Riot Games

League of Legends: Wild Rift released its latest cinematic to showcase its new range of Dragonmancer skins that launched yesterday.

With the stunning top-notch animation we’ve come to expect from Riot Games, the “Unleash Your Dragon” cinematic showcases the Wild Rift exclusive Zephyr Dragon Master Yi facing off against Lagoon Dragon Kai’Sa.

As the cinematic continues, we get a closer look at all the intricate details of these newly introduced skins, highlighting the amount of work that has gone into both this cinematic and the range of Dragonmancer skins now available in Wild Rift.

Five skins for champions were added to Wild Rift yesterday, including Master Yi and Kai’Sa, and also Eternal Dragon Brand, Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol, and Fae Dragon Ashe.

These Wild Rift skins boast their own unique features and audio effects that stand out amongst all the other available skins for their corresponding champion.

You can purchase these skins now from the Wild Rift store. The WIld Rift exclusive Zephyr Dragon Master Yi costs 1,325 Wild Cores. Lagoon Dragon Kai’Sa, Fae Dragon Ashe, Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol, and Eternal Dragon Brand will cost 990 Wild Cores.

If you’re looking to collect them all, you can purchase a bundle containing the five skins with each of the champions for a price of 7,036 Wild Cores.

You can also play the current Way of the Dragonmancers event to earn event-specific rewards related to these new skins, so don’t miss this opportunity while it lasts.