EnVyUs Taimou Fined by OGN

EnVyUs Taimou has been fined by the OGN for lewd comments he made in a Twitch chat.

Team EnVyUs Overwatch player Timo “Taimou” Kettunen has received a warning and a fine for salacious comments made in their Twitch chat about an interviewer after an APEX OGN match. OGN APEX said he directly violated the section of their code of conduct about sexual harrassment. In the Twitch chat, Taimou said he would “check those pantsus when I’m getting interviewed LUL,” while the interviewer was talking to REUNITED’s support player Thomas “Morte” Kerbusch. The interviewer asked Morte how his team had explored Korea. Taimou then responded in the chat with “I wanna explore that interviewer girl’s thighs Keepo.” 

The fine he received was the “revocation of fight money on Friday.” Winning teams are supposed to get $630 per win during this season, so that will be his consequence. 

Taimou issued a public apology on Twitter, stating that his actions were “inconsiderate and brash.” 

To everyone who was affected and hurt by my inconsiderate and brash actions, I hang my head in apology.

I am also very sorry for disappointing our loyal fans.

I beg that you will forgive my immature actions and I plan to show a more mature version of myself in the future.

I will reflect upon this as we go into today’s match and once again I deeply apologize for my actions.


The OGN APEX season is set to continue on until December. and as of now, Taimou and EnVyUs will still be competing. There will be a scheduled break in November for teams to be able to participate in BlizzCon. 

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