Envision and Ex-Coach Feud Implicate EnVyUs’s Pro Gears Player Praized of Cheating

Gears pro on Team EnVyUs, Praized, gets implicated in cheating amidst feuding ex-coach Velly and Envision

Updated Sept. 12, 2016 @6:24pm EST

In the midst of a bitterseparation between Envision’s players and now, ex-coach Loviel”Velly” Cardwell, new information seems to hintat Team EnVyUs‘s Gearsplayer Arody “Praized” Dipre,possibly cheating in this past Sunday’s onlinetournament.

Earlier, we reported onEnvision, formerly known as VexX, acquiring Velly as a coachto help with their issues, but asof now, it seems the two parties have split with some animositytowards each other.

The more alarming details,however, are the screenshots of private Twitter direct messagesfrom Envision attempting to cover up information that seems toimplicate Praized as recovering another player’s account toparticipate in the 2K Invitational tournament this past Sunday,Sept. 11.

These are serious allegations,which do have a history in Gears. In Gears of War 2, the firstMajor League Gaming tournament was seeded through a GameBattlesonline tournament and Infinity had used alternate accounts to playthe NSAN3Z first round under a different team identity. The NSAN3Zlater IP checked the team and reported them, where Infinity wassubsequently banned from MLG Meadowlands 2009.

I could only assume that ifproof comes out, Praized will also be banned from the Gears of War4 Launch Invitational as well. As a player that has alreadyqualified for the first Gears 4 LAN, this would be an incrediblyselfish and irresponsible move on his part to jeopardize not onlyhimself but also his team. The sheer use of an alternate accountimplicates the player of knowingly breaking the rules, henceseeking a different identity to play under in secrecy.

If Praized is innocent, thenthis is a shameful attack against another player. However, ifthere’s substance to the rumors, then it’s unquestionably cheatingand I fully expect The Coalition and MajorLeague Gaming to make adecisive ruling upon further review of the evidence.

Update: The story continues todevelop as Envision player, Christopher “Domez” Guzman, has taken toTwitter in defense of Praized.

However, we’ve also obtained anew screenshot of a private Twitter conversation in which Domezfurther implicates Praized as the one behind the alternateaccount.

Two very different takes on thissituation but we intend to reach out to all parties involved fortheir comment on the situation at hand.

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