Element Cup, Mienfoo’s debut, and new rewards revealed for Pokémon Go Battle League Season 8

Season Eight is going to be a wild ride.

Image via Niantic

Competitive players better get ready for Pokémon Go Battle League Season Eight, which brings more Special Cups, a top-level Pokémon rotation, and the Pokémon Go debut of Mienfoo. Starting on May 31, players can begin competing in Season 8, while also claiming rewards from Season Seven. 

The fighting-type Mienfoo will be making its Pokémon Go debut as a guaranteed encounter reward starting at rank five. This will give players plenty of opportunities to evolve Mienfoo into Mienshao. 

New avatar items based on the Pokémon X and Y Fighting-type Gym Leader Korrina, with each part being unlocked as you rank up, ending with the Korrina Pose in Legend rank. Additionally, the Ultra League Remix and Element Cup are being added to the rotation for Season Eight, while the Great League Remix returns. Niantic will also be limiting the use of certain Pokémon used by Ace Trainers from the last several competitions, banning the top 20 Pokémon based on usage in the regular leagues. 

For the Element Cup only first stage Pokémon that have a CP of 500 or less and are Grass, Fire, or Water-type may be used. Go Battle Nights are also making a return, which will let players compete in 100 battles (20 sets) with triple Stardust rewards for each battle. These will run on June 3, July 11, and Aug. 26 from 6pm to 11:59pm local time. 

Here is the full schedule for GBL Season 8, which will run from May 31 to Aug. 30. 

  • Great League: May 31 to June 14
  • Ultra League and Premier Cup: June 14 to 28
  • Master League and Master Classic Element Cup: June 29 to July 12
    • Double Stardust bonust
  • Great League and Great League Remix: July 12 to 26
  • Ultra League and Ultra League Remix: July 26 to Aug. 9
  • Master League, Master Classic, and Premier Cup: Aug. 9 to 23
    • Double Stardust bonus
  • Full League rotation: Aug. 23 to 30

There were also several move adjustments, including the introduction of Weather Ball’s Rock-type variant.