Elden Ring quickly rises to top of Twitch following release

It's kept more viewers than any other game on the platform.

Image via FromSoftware

FromSoftware’s new ARPG Elden Ring is already making waves on Twitch just a day following the games official launch, and all of the personalities you expect to be diving into the game are present.

Viewers have watched a combined 7 million hours of Elden Ring in just 24 hours, making it the most-watched game on Twitch since yesterday morning, according to statistics from SullyGnome. The game has also outperformed Just Chatting, which is typically the most-watched category on the platform, for all but a short period around 1pm CT yesterday.

Image via SullyGnome

Elden Ring didn’t quite peak over a million viewers, but with 861,157 viewers yesterday evening, the game had the second-highest peak of any game on the platform in the past month. Lost Ark’s release earlier this month saw the game hit 1.27 million viewers. The game release coincided with the return of Asmongold to the platform following a prolonged hiatus.

The top streamers playing Elden Ring were familiar suspects. XQc was the top streamer playing the game for 13 hours and averaging 78,904 viewers, peaking at 91,555. He amassed more than one million hours watched. 

Asmongold was the second most-watched streamer playing the game despite only playing for nearly half of the time (seven hours). Asmon averaged 67,174 viewers, peaked at 76,361, and totaled 487,009 hours watched.

Both xQc and Asmongold had significantly higher viewership than the other top streamers playing the game. Other popular content creators to play the game were Fextralife, IlloJuan, Hanryany1125, Alanzoka, Rubis, and CohhCarnage, among others.