Duck, Duck, Goose: Week 5 LoL Pick and Ban Trends

Ahead of the week break for IEM, the new patch was applied to some regions that changed the meta of who was picked and who was banned.

The 7.3 patch was applied in both the European and North American League Championship Series. The patch changed a few champions and had a noticeable effect on champions that are considered at the top of the meta. “The Big Three” all saw changes to their rates, while one top lane champion kept his top spot as teams try to figure out the new meta ahead of IEM Katowice.


In Korea, Maokai still reigns supreme with 65 picks, with the next closest champion being Kha’Zix at 56 picks. Both Camille and Rengar have seen a significant drop in bans; Rengar currently has a 68 percent ban ratio while Camille has fallen to 89 percent and LeBlanc remains high up at 98 percent. Despite their fall in bans, both Camille and Rengar kept their 100 percent appearance in the pick/ban phase, alongside LeBlanc. Camille takes the highest win percentage of champions with 10 or more picks, attaining a 70 percent win ratio in her games. LCK pulled out some new unique picks that have not been seen before, like the Brand and Kog’Maw bot lane that MVP selected against KT Rolster. Interestingly, Zilean and Renekton have popped up more in Korea; Renekton is becoming a meta pick in other regions, while Zilean hasn’t been seen too often.


The top lane tree also remains at the top in China with 44 picks, with Varus sitting right below him at 38 picks. The same trend in bans is seen in China as Rengar, Camille, and LeBlanc have dropped massively in ban percentages. None of them sit above a 90 percent ban rate, though Rengar is the closest at 89 percent. Although they have been left up more to be picked in games, some teams have chosen to leave Rengar and LeBlanc completely out of the pick/ban phase, which means Camille is the only champion with a 100 percent appearance in the region. Jayce leads all champions with 10 or more picks in win rate, winning 75 percent of games he is played in. Though LeBlanc is thought of as a very strong champion, she has a surprisingly low 36 percent win rate. China is the region that has used Kled the most, with six picks, and is the only region to use Vi, who has been picked three times.


In Europe, Jhin has overtaken Varus as the most-picked champion, with 51 compared to Varus’ 45 picks. Europe has decided that Camille is not the champion she once was, as she has dropped down to a 86 percent ban percentage, along with Rengar falling to 92 percent and LeBlanc sitting at a 90 percent, though all three champions still maintain a 100 percent pick/ban rate. There are many picks that have been “one-offs” in Europe that won the only game or two they were played in. Eight champions are on that list, and Draven is the only one to have been played more than once. Rumble has the highest win rate of champions with 10 or more picks, with the mech-wielding yordle winning 75 percent of his games.


In the region with the most games played, Kha’Zix and Varus are tied with the most picks, being selected in 80 games. Varus can be considered slightly ahead of Kha’Zix because he has been banned more and not able to be selected in two more games than the bug. Maokai sits right behind the two with 76 picks. LeBlanc, Camille, and Rengar have all seen slight drops in ban percentage, with Rengar seeing the biggest fall to 79 percent. Of the former Big Three champions (LeBlanc, Camille, and Rengar), Camille has not been picked or banned in every game in North America. With a win rate of 71 percent, Miss Fortune leads all champions with 10 or more picks. FlyQuest surprised the world when they picked Shaco in the jungle against Team SoloMid, as this was the champions’ first appearance in any form in the world.


There are 12 champions that have been picked 100 or more times across the four regions and Maokai takes the crown with 213 picks, which is over half of the games played. The Big Three are still the most banned champions, but have all fallen since last week, with a ban rate of 91 percent, 88 percent, and 81 percent for LeBlanc, Camille, and Rengar respectively. Rengar is the only champion that has been seen in every game either picked or banned. Rengar also sports the highest win rate of champions with 20 or more picks, winning 59 percent of his games. Renekton is a pick being seen more across all regions as a counter to some of the tank champions in top lane, but the croc has seen mixed results. At the end of the week, there are now 98 unique champions picked or banned across the regions.

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