Duck, Duck, Goose: Week 3 LoL Pick and Ban Trends

The third week of spring split competition is over and has shed some new light on the meta trends in the pick and ban phase across all regions.

Only three regions played games over the past week, as the LPL had yet another week off. In terms of generalizations about the champions played in each region, the LCK had a few more games than last week, but stayed relatively the same, Europe experimented with their pick/ban phase as teams tried out a few new strategies, and North America continued to develop its own meta, while also following Europe’s lead with some picks. Here are all the statistics you need to know about the pick/ban phase across the regions.


In Korea, Maokai has continued to be the top pick in the league, getting selected in 60 percent of games. The “big three” are still the most banned champions, with LeBlanc the most hated champ with 47 bans. Ryze, Rengar, LeBlanc and Camille have been picked in every game in Korea through the first three weeks. Corki has become the most successful champion in the pool of champions with 10 or more picks, reaching a 69 percent win percentage in the region. Korea remains independent of the other regions as they have not adapted to the frequent picks in the west, like Ivern, Shen and Lulu.


In Europe, two ADCs are the most picked champions, as Varus has been picked 31 times and Jhin was chosen 24 times. Similar to the other regions, LeBlanc received the most bans out of the “big three” champions. Though they are still the most banned champions, European teams have been experimenting with not banning out these very strong champions to mixed results. Shen keeps his place as the winningest champion with 10 or more picks, sitting at a 77 percent win percentage. Europe was the first region to bring out the newly reworked Warwick this week, and so far, it is the only region to play him.


Varus tops the list in North America with 57 picks resulting in 77 percent of all games played. The big three remain the most banned, like in every region, but with Camille at the top of the list instead of LeBlanc. Fiora is the champion with the highest win percentage of champions with at least 10 games played, sporting an 80 percent win record. Fiora is not seen much in other regions, but North America has developed her as a counter to tanky top lane champions like Maokai. NA is picking up after Europe with a sharp increase in Ivern picks.


The world meta looks much the same with Varus, Maokai and Kha’Zix being the top three champions picked. Camille, LeBlanc and Rengar are the most banned champions, with Camille being banned in 94 percent of the game played. Outside of the big three, Ryze has popped up the most in games with a 96 percent pick/ban percentage. Rengar has the highest win percentage with 10 or more picks, sitting at 82 percent, and Ivern is behind him with a 70 percent win rate.

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