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Dubs will play Fortnite with Major Lazer live on Twitch today

The FaZe Clan pro will help promote the band's upcoming skins before they're released.

Image via Epic Games

EDM band Major Lazer is debuting in Fortnite tonight, Epic confirmed last night. FaZe Clan’s Fortnite pro Daniel “Dubs” Walsh will be the only streamer to show off the cosmetic items themed after the band while he plays with the band members Diplo, Walshy Fire, and Ape Drums.

Dubs and Major Lazer will play Fortnite live on the pro’s Twitch channel today starting at 1:30pm CT, Dubs announced on his Twitter. Dubs said they’ll already be using the Major Lazer outfits, which are set to release today at 8pm CT for everyone else.

It’s unclear at this time why this collaboration between Major Lazer and Dubs is happening. Neither him nor the band mentioned yet if it’s for advertisement or as part of another collaboration between the trio and the FaZe Clan player. Epic hasn’t promoted the stream announcement on Fortnite’s Twitter account either, even though it’s clear that the company is involved in it due to the early release of the cosmetic set to Dubs and the group.

Dubs didn’t mention how long this special stream will be, but fans can expect him to play with Major Lazer for fun and to promote interesting interactions and features of the new Lazerism set.

According to data miners, Epic is releasing seven cosmetics as part of the Major Lazer set:

  • Major Lazer outfit
  • Lazer Wings back bling
  • Lazer Blast emote
  • Lazer Flex emote
  • Default Vibe music
  • Default Fire music
  • Lazer Axe harvesting tool