Dreamhack Winter ZOWIE Open Day 1 Recap

Your day 1 recap of Dreamhack Winter ZOWIE Open.

Find out how PS VR is looking to beckon the dawning of Virtual Reality and how it is shaping the esports scene.

The first day of Dreamhack Winter ZOWIE Open 2016 has concluded and we’ve already been treated to some overtime games and some hefty upsets. Without further ado, here are you scores for the first set of matches of the event:

Kinguin 22-20 Team Dignitas on Mirage

Renegades 16-14 Cloud9 on Dust II

GODSENT 16-9 FlipSid3 Tactics on Train

Gambit Gaming 16-10 OpTic Gaming

GODSENT 16-12 Kinguin on Mirage

Renegades 16-8 Gambit on Cache

Kinguin kicked off the tournament with an upset, beating one of the consensus favourite teams to win the tournament, Dignitas, in a heavily-contested Mirage thriller. The Polish side lost multiple match-points across the overtimes, before finally closing out the game, 22-20.

Renegades also provided an upset by beating the vastly-improved North American side, Cloud9, and then went on to beat Gambit to take their record for the day to 2-0. Dreamhack Winter has been an even event so far, and promises to keep on delivering contested maps as the four teams who will play in the playoffs on Saturday will be decided in tomorrow’s games.

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Image Credit: Dreamhack Open

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