DrDisrespect plays Overwatch, gets 100 gifted subs from official Overwatch Twitch channel

It's an odd marriage, but it kind of works.

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect

DrDisrespect is one of Twitch’s biggest stars, so it’s notable when he hops on a game that he usually doesn’t play. Today is one of those days; the Doc has been playing Overwatch for the majority of his stream.

As the Doc was playing, the official PlayOverwatch Twitch channel hopped into the stream and gifted 100 tier one subs to his community. That’s around $500 in value, and although it’s not a huge number for the Doc, who boasts well over 20,000 subscribers, it’s still pretty cool.

It’s unclear if the Doc decided to play Overwatch on a whim or if he had a bounty to play it. Bounties are posted for streamers by Twitch to play a certain game, and they can be paid to do so. The segment itself was not sponsored, otherwise the Doc would’ve had to specify it was. He could have been capitalizing on the game’s current Ashe Mardi Gras event with Twitch drops.

During DrDisrespect’s Overwatch adventures, he struggled to find a hero to play, accidentally showed his full Battle.net name, got spammed with friend requests, screamed at the top of his lungs, and lost quite a few games.

Eventually, Doc teamed up with Timthetatman, Seagull, Emongg, and JordanFisher for some games in Overwatch’s new Experimental playlist. The new mode, which was made for testing, is currently trying out the game’s new Triple Damage feature, which locks roles to three DPS heroes, two support heroes, and one tank hero.

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All in all, though, it was a fun afternoon watching one of Twitch’s biggest stars join in on one of the site’s most popular FPS games.