DrDisrespect and Courage try playing CS:GO, but their skills could use some work

Not quite Astralis.

Screengrab via DrDisrespect

Watch out, Astralis. Two of the biggest streamers on Twitch, DrDisrespect and Courage, have mastered the art of utility usage. Or kind of.

Last night, the two juggernauts teamed up on CS:GO and dropped into a Wingman game, which is a two-vs-two gamemode that follows the same rules as regular competitive. They attempted to win a match for DrDisrespect’s Triple Threat Challenge, but it didn’t go so well. 

The pair rushed toward the Short position on Overpass. To take the B-bombsite and win the round, the duo had to either eliminate both opponents or plant the bomb and ensure that the CTs didn’t defuse it. DrDisrespect and Courage opted to use utility in order to blind enemies so they could take the bombsite without the enemies seeing them. 

Upon exit of the Short tunnel, DrDisrespect attempted to flash the player on the bombsite but failed and threw an underhand flash, blinding Courage. Then, Courage flashed once more to rectify Doc’s mistakes, but again, the flash missed.

The third time’s the charm, right? Not for these two. Courage flashed once more when hidden in the Sandbags position and blinded himself as well as the Doc. 

Immediately, the similarities between the duo and Astralis become clear. The Danish team have become famous in CS:GO for their utility usage including flashbangs and grenades, both of which DrDisrespect and Courage have mastered, but in the wrong way. 

Like Astralis usually does, the duo still won the match. So, perhaps the pair have a shot at the elite level of competition after all.