Dr Disrespect on PUBG: “That game is about to die”

The streamer cites ping issues and newer games as the reason.

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect
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When it comes to passion, few streamers can match up with Dr Disrespect. And that passion was directed toward PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds yesterday.

The popular streamer and online personality criticized PUBG during his live broadcast yesterday, claiming that the battle royale is on its last legs.

After dying in a fire fight against an opponent, Dr Disrespect was frustrated at PUBG’s alleged ping and performance issues due to its latest patch.

“That game is about to die,” the Doc said. “It’s too bad. But you never fucking fixed your game. You never did anything with your game. You never, like, made it feel really good and smooth. You never added any new content. You didn’t add any new servers so I’m not playing on 90 ping every game… That’s why nobody’s playing your game.”

Dr Disrespect cited newer games, like Apex Legends and the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, that may deliver the finishing blow to PUBG Corporation’s battle royale.

This isn’t the first time the Doc had some choice words for PUBG, however. The streamer previously said the battle royale “makes [him] sick” after falling in battle, blaming ping and poor programming.

Despite Dr Disrespect’s criticisms of PUBG, he streams the battle royale fairly often. And the streamer even includes it in his Triple Threat Challenge where he attempts to get a victory in three different shooting games.

To watch his trademark high-quality production, tune in to the Doc’s Twitch channel.