Doublelift pulls off a pentakill with insane Ezreal outplay in League of Legends

“Let’s go, baby.”

Photo via Riot Games

Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng is all warmed up for Worlds.

Team Liquid’s AD carry pulled off an amazing League of Legends pentakill during his Twitch stream yesterday by using Ezreal to duck in and out of danger.

After catching out the overzealous enemy Talon, Doublelift’s team converged on the remaining four opponents. With Qiyana caught out next by a Malphite ultimate, the AD carry just needed three more kills.

He effortlessly dodged Syndra’s stun before using Arcane Shift (E) and Flash to aggressively take out two opponents. With only Sylas left, it looked grim since Doublelift was ignited and at 50 life. But his use of the Quicksilver active on his Mercurial Scimitar bought the AD carry enough time to get a pentakill before dying as well.

“Let’s go, baby,” Doublelift said triumphantly. “GG.”

The Liquid player was playing on his EUW account, which is sitting at 371 LP in Grandmaster, while he prepares for Worlds 2019.

Doublelift and Liquid start their Worlds journey on Oct. 13 when they face off against Invictus Gaming in the group stage.