Does Pokémon UNITE have bots?

You may have noticed some odd occurrences.

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon UNITE is the latest offering in the Pokémon franchise with its unique MOBA-style gameplay.

While it may have been quite a success in its initial weeks since launch, players have now become noticing something off happening during recent games. Everyone who has played the game will have been in the position where a member of their team is playing horribly. Often it can be written off as just poor skill–but it’s possible that it wasn’t a person at all.

The practice of adding bots into matchmaking isn’t new and has been done in a variety of games in many genres. Bots can be used as training tools for new players or, as they’ve been used more recently, to fill up lobbies that lack players.

Are there bots in Pokémon UNITE?

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

While there are no ways to select bot modes in UNITE, the game does indeed include them, and they can appear within any mode, even ranked.

Bots are used to fill up lobbies that lack players. It can happen even in ranked mode, if there is a lack of similarly ranked players.

Players have been reporting since the game’s launch that UNITE has even used their account names as the identity for bots within matches they haven’t played.

While nothing has been confirmed by TiMi Studios regarding the practice, there is a high frequency of players reporting the issue.

With bots active in ranked games, players have widely criticized the system. Bots seem to be more prevalent in higher ranks where there are fewer players present, which have been seen as counterintuitive to the ranked system.