Dizzy gets rare knife in CS:GO Gamma Case during Trainwrecks’ stream

NRG's Apex player opened a Gamma 2 Case during Trainwreck's stream and received a valuable knife.

Image via Valve

During a recent livestream with Trainwrecks, NRG Esports’ Apex Legends player Coby “Dizzy” Meadows opened a Gamma 2 Case in Counter Strike: Global Offensive and received a valuable surprise.

Near the end of a 15-hour livestream, Trainwreck paired up with Dizzy for some harmless CS:GO action. The two talked briefly about lootboxes and which ones to purchase. Dizzy questioned which ones to get for the best loot. Trainwreck suggested three different types, including the Gamma 2 Case. Based on that suggestion, Dizzy purchased 50 Gamma 2 Cases in the hopes of finding something valuable.

The streamers continued to make casual conversation while opening the boxes, but then Dizzy started celebrating when one innocent box produced an extremely valuable knife skin: the Flip Knife Gamma Doppler, which is valued at an average of $300 in the Steam marketplace. While Dizzy wasn’t live on his Twitch channel at the time, he was making use of Discord’s newest local streaming feature to show Trainwrecks the loot.

With that much value, Dizzy could make a pretty penny for the knife if he decides to sell it. The item’s value is highest at factory new, without use. Dizzy was extremely lucky to pull the knife and have the occurrence caught live on Trainwrecks’ stream.