Disguised Toast shares thoughts on Lost Ark and why he thinks it will lose popularity soon

The streamer joined the discussion during his viewerthon.

Screengrab via Disguised Toast on Twitch

Lost Ark has been a hot topic in the gaming community recently, climbing to the top of SteamCharts with a peak of 1.3 million concurrent players. Many streamers and MMO fans alike have found this new game to be a breath of fresh air. But it has not been everyone’s cup of tea. Popular streamer Disguised Toast is somewhere in between those two camps.

Since returning to Twitch from Facebook Gaming late last year, Disguised Toast has enjoyed a wide variety of games, from VALORANT to Teamfight Tactics. But more recently, the Twitch star has been dipping his toes into Lost Ark, one of the hottest games out right now. Two days ago, Disguised Toast played the game for over an hour and the streamer wasn’t shy about sharing his thoughts on the game.

“In 10 days, this game is not gonna be that popular, it’s a fun grindy game for a week or two and I think after, people are gonna lose interest,” Disguised Toast said during his viewerthon, which the streamer described as a way to host a subathon without encouraging viewers to subscribe or donate. 

Lost Ark’s player count seems to disagree with Disguised Toast’s assessment, though. It shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, still managing to hit over one million active players daily.

Despite these comments, Disguised Toast seems to enjoy the game and has already reached level 50 on his Paladin. “The combat in this game is pretty fun though, like, I like the telegraphed movement on the floor and you have to dodge it,” Disguised Toast said.