Dicey’s Middle Lane Rankings for Fantasy LCS Week 2

Have to pick between two mid laners this week? Or maybe you need to pick one up off of free agency? Let me help you with that.

Hai? Huhi? Froggen? Who will be the surprise performers this week in the mid lane?

1. Jensen (Cloud9 – NA LCS) 

There is a theme for this week’s rankings; expect to see a lot of C9 topping the lists. They simply looked too good last week, as well as having great matchups in the coming week. CLG and Immortals should stand no chance at actually winning the series against C9, but both teams have the potential of taking a game, which means there are more chances for points. The safest bet of the week is the Cloud9 boys, so let it ride.

2. Hai (FlyQuest – NA LCS) 

I would not have expected to put Hai this high in a ranking; he just has never showed a very high point scoring style before. With this roster, though, he seems to be putting on the carry pants rather than just facilitating for his team. In past lineups, Hai was almost a second support, but this past week showed him calling for mid ganks and pressure in order for him to snowball leads. This is amazing news for his fantasy owners.

Hai will play CLG first this week, which should be a win, possibly in three games. Then, he gets to go up against Echo Fox, who they should easily defeat, at least in theory. I expect a big week and I am never betting against Hai ever again.

3. Bjergsen (TSM – NA LCS) 

It’s Bjergsen, I mean he has to score points. Despite having a tough matchup with DIG on Friday, I think Bjerg is able to have a game with a decent point total. Then, against Liquid, I think he carries TSM to a win in that series, maybe two. You would have to be foolish to bet against Bjerg.

4. PowerOfEvil (Misfits – EU LCS)

Misfits has a really good matchup against ROCCAT and against G2, so I expect them to be able to at least keep one of the games close, if not take a game off them. On top of this, I think PoE is on track to have a huge season and it starts this week.

5. Night (Giants – EU LCS)

Night has always been the big carry threat on Giants, and this week, he gets a couple opportunities to show it. When they take on ROCCAT, expect Night to have a monster performance. Unluckily for Night owners though, he does play a tough Fnatic team in his other matchup, so his points may be balanced out a bit. Overall, I see him still having a top-five week, no lower than top-seven.

6. Nukeduck (Vitality – EU LCS) 

Vitality scored a ton of points last week, despite only having one game, which resulted in a loss. Now that they have two series this week, I expect them to score quite highly.

Splyce looked shaky in their first series, so Vitality should at least grab a game off of them. Then, in their second matchup, they play a very weak Origen lineup where they should be able take two match wins. Overall, expect quite a bit of points for Vitality this week.

7. Exileh (Unicorns of Love – EU LCS) 

UoL has H2K in their first matchup this week, which obviously will be tough but it isn’t a guaranteed 0-2. Then, against Origen, they are heavily favored. Overall, I think that bodes well for a lot of UoL’s players.

8. Pobelter (Immortals – NA LCS) 

This is not a good week for Immortals players and that shows in how low I am ranking a lot of them. They simply have too strong of a matchup against Cloud9 where they really need to at least get one match win in order for them to have a strong week in fantasy. That just simply is not very likely as Cloud9 looks super in form and Immortals look pretty lost. Pobelter does come in at eight though because they get to play Team EnVyUs in their second best-of-three. EnVy is always going to be a team that you can score a lot of points against. They are sloppy and always give up more opportunities than they should.

FeelsBadMan Starts of the Week

Huhi (CLG – NA LCS)

Huhi had a very surprisingly good week last week, but I simply think it was more of a flash in the pan rather than a constant for this team. How many times will he get 14 kills on Katarina the rest of the season? Probably zero. I just do not see it in him. Despite this, you know that he will at least show up to play in each of his series, and if he does end up on Aurelion Sol somehow, then I am sure he will score decently. Plus, maybe Kat is a new Huhi staple and he can add that to his Ekko and A Sol champion pool.

Froggen (Echo Fox – NA LCS) 

Froggen had a solid week one, despite his team going 0-2, and you can honestly expect it out of him each week. This week, though, I expect those numbers to dip a bit as he plays two powerhouse teams in FlyQuest and Dignitas.

Who is your starting mid laner for week two? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @GAMURScom.

Photo credits: Riot Games