Dicey’s Bottom Lane Rankings for Fantasy LCS Week 2

Week two is fast approaching and I am back with another weekly ranking. See who you should start in the bottom lane.

Week two is quickly approaching and I am back for another set of bottom lane rankings. Let’s get started.

1. Sneaky/Smoothie (Cloud9 – NA LCS)

Despite being the best rated team in NA for the past week, these two came in seventh and fifth in scoring at their position. Still, I find the scoring pretty random and I like the chances of these two having the best potential games out of all the bot lanes, as they take on Counter Logic Gaming and Immortals this week.

Both CLG and Immortals showed very uninspiring and sloppy play last week, which should give C9’s bot lane plenty of opportunities to gather fantasy points. Look for the Immortals series to produce the most points for C9’s bot lane.

2. Arrow (P1 – NA LCS)

You will notice I did not put Adrian here with Arrow and that is because Adrian looked incredibly out of sync with his team this last week. While Arrow was off scoring fantasy points, Adrian was often dying or having low impact. This week, Adrian frankly does not land in my number rankings, but you may see him below in the FeelsBadMan starts of the week.

Arrow, this past week, was playing really well, despite this being his first week of playing in NA. This is a great sign for Arrow’s fantasy owners, as he really should only improve as his English gets better and he gets more comfortable.

In terms of matchups, he plays the struggling Team EnVyUs, as well as a Liquid team that seems a bit lost at the moment. I expect him to really take over the EnVy series, and with how sloppy EnVy plays, he should score a ton of points. Then, against Liquid, it really comes down to how well Liquid bounces back after a tough week one. Piglet and company could have a strong week, but even so, I expect P1 to at least take a game in that series.

Overall, I think Arrow is a very safe bet with a high ceiling.

3. Lod/Xpecial (Dignitas – NA LCS) 

I kept these two low on last week’s rankings because I did not want to full commit to the hype that was this Dignitas lineup; and I paid for it. They both were the third highest scorers in their role, and Dignitas as a team had a great week, despite playing two tough teams, one being the consensus number one team in Cloud9.

Coming into this week, their matchups get easier as they play the struggling Team SoloMid and the dreadful Echo Fox. In both of these series, I expect Dignitas to be in full control of most of the games, especially against Echo Fox, who looks like an early favorite to be the worst team in the league this year. Not only are both matchups favorable for Dignitas, but even if either Echo Fox or TSM get a lead, both teams have shown an early tendency to throw their lead and allow teams to climb back into games.

This is a huge week for Dignitas players in my opinion, and if they 2-0 this week, expect them to ride their momentum throughout the rest of the season.

4. Steeelback/Hachani (Vitality – EU LCS) 

These two may come as a surprise to some, but Vitality had a really high scoring week last week, despite only playing one series. Heading into this week, they have two matchups that should produce high scoring games in Origen and Splyce. Now, I will admit that these two come with some risk, as they are not the most proven duo or team, but sometimes you have to risk it for the biscuit, and these two are your best bets.

5. Stixxay/Aphromoo (CLG – NA LCS)

As a team, CLG struggled a ton week one, yet Stixxay was able to produce the second highest point total for the week. Coming into week two, I think he may be able to find more of the same, but on a lesser scale, as they take on Cloud9 and FlyQuest. Now I do not expect CLG to win against Cloud9, but I have faith that they will be able to force it to a game three, which bodes well for Stixxay and Aphro’s fantasy totals. This faith is quite blind, but it has good reason behind it. CLG as a team has had weeks in the past year where they did not look like the team that showed up the following week. They tend to have weeks where they underperform, then bounce back the following week, so I am betting on that happening this week.

As for the FlyQuest series, I think this goes game three as well. I do not know who ends up winning the series, as both teams, in my mind, seem evenly matched if my theory of CLG bouncing back this week is true. Even so, with six games to work with, CLG’s bottom lane will put up points.

6. Altec/LemonNation (FlyQuest – NA LCS)

So FlyQuest went 2-0 week one; yeah, that happened. Even so, Altec was unable to post a very good fantasy week, which is unfortunate. Who did have a good week, is Lemon. Lemon ended up finishing as the fourth highest scoring support, mostly due to his high volume roaming, which often resulted in him being in the mid lane with fellow high scorer, Hai. 

This week, these two get the chance to play Echo Fox, which is any fantasy scorers dream, as well as playing a shaky CLG team that could have another bad week. All in all, that equals points, though I think Lemon is a safer bet than Altec.

7. Piglet/Matt (Team Liquid – NA LCS) 

Piglet was awful last week; I can’t sugar coat it at all. To balance it out though, Matt had a huge fantasy week, ending up as the second highest scorer in the support role. Overall, this leaves me pretty confused on where to rank the two, as either Matt goes down to Piglet’s level and we chalk his week one performance up as a fluke, or we reverse it and Piglet joins Matt at the top of the scoring charts. I decided to keep the expectations low, but to caveat it by saying that these two could have massive weeks.

P1 and TSM are both weird matchups for Liquid. I could see both series going either way, which means more than likely there will be at least one extra game three. The more game threes, the more points to be had, so who knows.

8. Hans sama/Ignar (Misfits – EU LCS)

I am very high on Misfits as a team, and these two showed very strong performances in their first week as an LCS team. Heading into a week where they get two series, this is the perfect time to unleash them on your fantasy lineup.

Against ROCCAT, they should be able to get the 2-0, and against Origen, they may be able to steal a game away. Overall, it’s a pretty decent week to play these two if you do not have a better option, and I think they are a relatively safe bet since the ROCCAT series should be heavily in their favor.

9. Samux/Hylissang (Unicorns of Love – EU LCS) 

UoL looks to be a pretty strong team this split and they get to show that off this week against H2K and Origen. For Samux and Hylissang, this could be a very big week as Origen almost looks like a guaranteed win and the H2K series should go three games. I like their chances, and as players, I think they are very attainable in free agency, so look to add them this week if you own a player I have not already listed.

10. Cody Sun/Olleh (Immortals – NA LCS)

Cody had a very big fantasy performance this past week, and Olleh was right about mid table. So you may be confused as to why I have them quite low. Well, they play Cloud9. C9 looks head and shoulders above most of the teams in NA right now and that includes Immortals. It should be a very clean 2-0 in favor of C9, which means the points these two get from this series will be quite weak. In their second matchup, they do get a bit of a boost in the form of EnVy. EnVy is a very sloppy team; they play very loose and aggressive, which results in a lot of kills and deaths, which means fantasy points for everyone. Look for Cody and Olleh’s point spread to be something like 10 for their first series, then 20-25 in the second series.

FeelsBadMan Starts of the Week

WildTurtle/Biofrost (TSM – NA LCS)

Well, TSM looked awful. What’s even worse for Turtle and/or Biofrost owners, is that they looked to be the most out of sync. On top of this, they play Dignitas on Friday, which should potentially even smash their confidence some more. I think this week gets really rough for TSM, as even their second matchup against Liquid could result in a loss pretty easily. It may take a while for this team to work, and even if it does, I do not see their bot lane as the players I want to be starting. I would much rather take flyers on Misfits or UoL’s bot lane in week two. 

Apollo/Hakuko (Team EnVyUs – NA LCS) 

These two were the top scorers for their positions, despite being on a team that played a sub mid and their starting mid in the jungle due to Visa issues. On top of this, they got 2-0’d in both series. So you may be wondering, what in the hell are they doing way down here? Well, I think it was a fluke. Often times in fantasy sports or esports, there are teams or players who have a massive week, then fall off the face of the earth the following week. I just simply do not have faith in this team until LirA is officially back in the starting lineup and well practiced. This being said, I will say they do have some funny qualities that may result in them being able to continually have good fantasy performances.

As a team, they fight a lot, which results in a ton of kills and assists, which obviously results in a lot of points. Now, where I think this fails is that teams will adjust to this and should be able to passively farm the game out to the later stages where they will be able to control the game due to better communication and synergy. Until they have their star jungle import back, and can practice and synergize with their actual roster, I see this team as a disaster.

Who’s starting in your duo lane for week two? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @GAMURScom.

Photo credits: Riot Games