Devolver Digital apologizes for cancellation of legitimate Fall Guys copies

Innocent consumers were affected after the publisher's revocation of exploited Steam keys.

Image via Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital, the publisher for summer hit Fall Guys, issued an official apology yesterday after an overzealous cancellation of exploited game keys caused collateral damage for legitimate consumers who had their copies revoked as well.

The exploit consisted of resellers mass-purchasing Fall Guys in the Argentina region, where the game had an erroneously low price. Upon discovery, Devolver Digital has since increased the game’s price and nullified the affected game keys.

But this also caused valid copies purchased by customers to be canceled. Affected consumers found themselves Fall Guys-less and faced the prospect of having to pay extra to obtain the game again due to its increased price.

The publisher called for those affected to send an email with the associated details and email address to [email protected] to recover their copy of the game.

Devolver Digital thanked fans for their support of the game, as well as promising “to do better moving forward” and to “take care of all… that was affected.”

Fall Guys has swiftly become a phenomenon in the gaming world. The battle-royale inspired party game overtook perennial top dog League of Legends on Twitch in average viewership with over 182,000 viewers, while League had to settle for 174,000. It’s making inroads into esports as well, with the first edition of Twitch Rivals set to take place on Aug. 28.