DDoS attacks plague PUBG Mobile, cause disconnects globally

The developer is working on a solution.

Image via Tencent

Players who wanted to start the weekend with a couple of games on PUBG Mobile will be disappointed. DDoS attacks have caused multiple disconnections for several hours, the developer announced earlier today.

The issue concerns players from all servers. This attack looks pretty serious, because the developer is still working on a fix over seven hours after the issue was discovered.

“We are currently encountering several waves of DDoS attacks against our systems that are causing players to disconnect,” the developer said on its Facebook page. “Our team immediately takes action and starts working closely with local service providers to resolve the issue. We aim to bring back normal gaming experience to our players as soon as possible.”

It also reminded the players that a patch focused on anti-cheat would be introduced “soon” into the game. When resolved, this attack may bring extra protection against cheaters, which would make the task even more difficult for them who plague the game.

Since its release, the developer started a war against cheaters and must regularly improve the security to keep up with the new tools found by those looking to gain an unfair advantage.

The developer will give an update when the DDoS attack will be over. You can follow their social media to be informed as soon as possible on Twitter, Facebook, or Discord.