Data mine reports Swablu will be featured in Pokémon Go’s May Community Day

A cloud-themed Mega might be joining the fray soon.

Image via Niantic

Details for the next Pokémon that will be featured in Pokémon Go’s May Community Day on May 15 were discovered in a recent data mine.

It will reportedly be Swablu getting the focus of the event, though there aren’t any details on what event-exclusive move it might learn. 

Information for the Normal/Flying-type was found by data-mining group PokéMiners after the latest update was pushed to the app. It included Special Weekend Badges for some upcoming events, along with the Swablu details. 

The Community Day event research, which will cost $1 to access, will reportedly be titled Cotton-Winged Bird and have four steps. 

This fits the upcoming May update for Pokémon Go perfectly since Mega Pokémon are now available in the game. Mega Altaria could be added on May 15 too since Niantic confirmed a new Mega Evolution would be joining the game on that day in the May update blog. 

Previously, a teaser image on the Pokémon Go Twitter account was thought to be hinting at Spritzee potentially being the Community Day Pokémon since it was going to be included in an upcoming event and the date had already been confirmed. 

Correction April 28 3:55pm CT: This article originally said Spritzee was being teased as May’s Community Day Pokémon. The article has been updated to reflect the information found in the recent data mine. We regret this error.