Cowsep unbanned on Twitch after 3 weeks

Everyone's favorite Yi player is back in action.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends streamer Joseph “Cowsep” Hursey was unbanned on Twitch earlier today after being banned for a clip from 2015 due to DMCA issues on Nov. 12.

Even though the clip was deleted by Cowsep, he still somehow got banned by Twitch, which caused him to temporarily lose more than 270,000 followers. Cowsep isn’t the first streamer to be affected by DMCA takedowns of copyrighted music, though. Multiple well-known streamers have been punished this year and forced to delete all their old clips and VODs to try to avoid getting banned.

Cowsep has been one of the most popular one-trick Yi mains since the early days of League. He’s been playing on the Korean server for many years and has popularized various meta builds, including the summoner spell combination of smite and teleport, which caught on with multiple players from various regions. He’s one of the most prominent Yi players, always sharing his opinion when the champ receives any changes from Riot.

He’s the master behind the term “I was in Alpha,” which is something a Yi player says every time he takes damage during the untargetable effect of the champ’s Q. In the past, Cowsep streamed long hours and players could watch him all day and night, but he took a step down earlier this year for his mental health. The Korean server is notorious for being one of the most toxic servers in League, so it makes sense if some players don’t want to deal with that too much.

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