Cowsep banned on Twitch due to DMCA, loses partner status

"Just got banned on Twitch for DMCA even though I deleted all my clips and VODs lol."

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends streamer Joseph “Cowsep” Hursey was banned on Twitch today and is no longer partnered, according to the StreamerBans Twitter account.

Some fans initially thought this ban could be related to Cowsep’s move to Facebook Gaming. Multiple streamers have previously been banned after they decided to multi-stream on Facebook and Twitch. But Cowsep said on Twitter today that the ban is DMCA related, even though he claims that he deleted all of his clips and VODs that contained unlicensed music.

Cowsep is one of the most popular one-trick Yi mains in League. He’s popularized various meta builds, including the summoner spell combination of smite and teleport. He plays on the Korean server, mastering Yi’s Alpha Strike in the process.

He’s also coined the saying “I was in Alpha,” which is something he says every time he takes damage if he should’ve been untargetable while using Yi’s Q.

In the past, Cowsep was known for streaming long hours. But in an interview with Inven Global last year, Cowsep explained that he can no longer do that if he wants to maintain a positive attitude toward the game. The Korean server is one of the most toxic servers in League with players running it down or insulting their teammates for every small mistake, so it makes sense that some people don’t want that kind of behavior to take up too much of their day.

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