Community Day Classic event announced for Pokémon Go featuring Bulbasaur

The new event coincides with the Season of Heritage's focus on Pokémon's history.

Image via Niantic

A new type of event is coming to the world of Pokémon Go, putting a spin on the game’s normal Community Days to celebrate more Pokémon from throughout the series’ history.

Niantic revealed that the first Community Day Classic will take place on Jan. 22 from 11am to 5pm local time. The debut of this event will feature the Seed Pokémon, Bulbasaur, and offer similar rewards to what a regular Community Day offers. An optional purchasable ticket coinciding with the event will be available in the game’s shop for $1, allowing players to participate in an exclusive Special Research.

Players who fully evolve their Bulbasaur into Venusaur during the event’s duration and up to two hours afterward will receive the event-exclusive Charged Attack Frenzy Plant on their Venusaur. This move can only be learned by Venusaur during specific events such as Bulbasaur-themed Community Days or through Elite Charged TMs.

During the event’s duration, players can enjoy the usual three-hour lure and incense extensions, as well as triple catch experience for capturing any Pokémon. The free box containing 30 Ultra Balls will be available for purchase during the Community Day Classic. A Community Day box will also be available for purchase in the in-game store for 1,280 coins, containing 50 Ultra Balls, five Star Pieces, five Lucky Eggs, and an Elite Charged TM. 

Players can look forward to the first Community Day Classic featuring the Seed Pokémon, Bulbasaur, on Jan. 22. Spheal, the Clap Pokémon, will be featured in a normal Community Day event on Jan. 15.