CoD: Mobile’s second marksman rifle to arrive on Feb. 18

It'll be available through a seasonal challenge.

Image via Activision

With Call of Duty: Mobile’s season one in full swing, Activision is introducing another feature to keep players hooked on the game. The SKS marksman rifle will be available on Feb. 18 through a seasonal challenge.

Right now, CoD: Mobile has only one marksman rifle. The Kilo Bolt-Action was released in August 2020. The SKS is a high-damage rifle and its higher fire rate makes it an effective weapon at all distances.

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Here are the basic stats for the rifle. These can be changed based on your playstyle by using different attachments in the Gunsmith.

  • Damage: 72
  • Fire Rate: 43
  • Accuracy: 86
  • Range: 62
  • Mobility: 52
  • Control: 57

The weapon will be available on Feb. 18 at 6pm CT. Players have to complete some missions in the BR Buff seasonal challenge to acquire the SKS for free, though.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season one is called New Order. It introduced a new CODM exclusive multiplayer map known as Reclaim, the gravity vortex gun, the FR .556 burst assault rifle, and the Blitz battle royale mode.

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The season will last until March 9. Activision has already started testing out features coming to the game in the upcoming seasons. This includes three new maps: Shipment 2019, Shoot House, and Oasis. The Bull Charge operator skill and the Napalm scorestreak are also coming to the game in the future.