CoD: Mobile’s 3-vs-3 gunfight mode is launching tomorrow

It will only be playable on select maps.

Image via Activision

Activision has revealed that a new Call of Duty: Mobile mode called the three-vs-three gunfight will release on Feb. 4 at 6pm CT.

The three-vs-three gunfight mode was revealed with the season one patch notes last month. The mode is similar to the two-vs-two mode except it has three players per team.

The two teams will compete across several rounds. The first team to reach six round victories will win the match. Each round lasts 40 seconds. If all three enemy players aren’t taken out by then, a zone will be activated in the center of the map which can be captured by any player. The team that captures the zone will get the victory in that round.

The three-vs-three gunfight mode will be playable on Reclaim, Cage, Gulag, Shipment, Pine, and King. The mode will be available until Feb. 10 at 6pm CT.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season one update introduced a new map, two new weapons, and a battle royale mode. The new weapons are the FR. 556 rifle and the SKS marksman rifle. Reclaim, which is set in the marketplace of an abandoned city, is the new medium-sized map. The Blitz battle royale mode is a shortened and more intense version of BR with 40 players.

That is not all, however, as later this season the Attack of the Undead 20 mode will be released. The Desperado battle royale class, SKS, and the gas grenade will also be available through seasonal missions in the coming weeks.