CoD: Mobile skins for iFerg, Hawksnest, and Bobby Plays coming soon

They will be released in separate bundles, which are expected to cost 1400 CP.

Image via Activision

With Call of Duty: Mobile’s season 11 drawing to a close, fans have been wondering when the promised skins featuring popular content creators iFerg, BobbyPlays, and Hawksnest will be coming to the game.

In a teaser released today, Activision confirmed the skins will be dropping “soon.” They will likely be released one after the other, meaning all of them may not be immediately available. The skins will be released in bundles and fans will have to spend CoD points to purchase them.

The iFerg bundle has already been leaked and has been confirmed to be launching tomorrow. The creator is seen in a greyish-blue hooded outfit with the rest of the items in the bundle following the same color scheme. 

iFerg reacted to his skin and said that he was “mind blown” to get a character based on him in the game. He also said that the bundle will cost 1400 CP. 

This is the first time Call of Duty: Mobile has added characters based on real-life content creators. iFerg, BobbyPlays, and Hawksnest are three of the biggest CoD: Mobile YouTubers and have 2.3 million, 775,000, and 549,0000 subscribers respectively. 

Activision hasn’t confirmed if the skins are being released under a profit-sharing scheme with the creators.