CoD: Mobile Season 5 might be adding a jungle-based Black Ops Cold War map

Apocalypse could be making its way to mobile.

Image via Activision

Activision is known for dropping teasers for upcoming seasons to CoD: Mobile well before their release. Season five of the game is about two weeks away and Activision has teased a new map coming to the game.

The teaser shows a jungle with an engraved statue on a tree with a tunnel below it. It looks like the Apocalypse map from Black Ops Cold War is making its way to CoD: Mobile. The medium-sized map is set in a jungle village in Laos and, with the huge number of obstacles for covers along with corridors, will mostly have closed-range gunfights.

CoD: Mobile’s ongoing season four will end on June 1 at 7pm CT, according to the in-game countdown. The season five content update should be released around this time while the new season should officially kick off on June 2 at 7pm CT.

Besides a new map, players can expect some other new content as well such as weapons or utilities to be added to the game. Activision will likely be teasing these over the next two weeks as well.

While players wait for the new season, there is a lot of new content in season four for players to enjoy. This includes the new Koshka sniper rifle, Modern Warfare’s Khandar Hideout map, and the exciting 12-vs-12 Ground War mode.