CoD: Mobile season 13 will bring new EMP Systems scorestreak

It will destroy all enemy scorestreaks.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season 13 is almost here. It is called Winter War and will bring many new features that include new maps, modes, weapons, and much more to the game. Today, Activision revealed that a new scorestreak, EMP Systems, will also be coming to the game next season.

The EMP Systems, or the electromagnetic pulse systems, is a unique scorestreak that fans of other Call of Duty titles might be familiar with. When activated, it disables all enemy electronics. Enemies won’t be able to use throwables, scorestreaks, and operator skills. It even destroys an XS1 Goliath.

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If you think that this scorestreak is too strong, don’t worry, as it requires 1300 points to unlock. This makes it the third costliest scorestreak in CODM, behind only the VTOL and Advanced UAV.

Activision also confirmed today that the eighth rank series of the game will begin with the new season. Players’ ranks will be reset in season 13.

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The next season will be a big one with a lot of new content that includes three new maps coming to CoD: Mobile. These are the Raid Holiday, Nuketown Russia, and Rebirth.

Activision has confirmed that two new weapons will be coming in season 13. These are the Peacekeeper MK2 and the QXR. More information about the features present in season 13 should be revealed in the coming days.