CoD: Mobile players receive HS2126-Abnormality shotgun for surpassing 300 million matches played

A lot of people are enjoying this mobile title.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile has had a tremendous first week, topping charts worldwide. The game recently crossed 100 million downloads and Activision has been rewarding players with items and skins to keep them hooked.

To celebrate the game’s release on Oct. 2, Call of Duty: Mobile unveiled a “lighting up the world” event where players can get rewards based on how many matches are played. On day one, it may have seemed like a daunting task to reach the highest milestone of 300 million played matches in just 12 days. But the game managed to cross that number in just six days. 

Image via Activision

To reward players for 300 million matches played, the HS2126 shotgun with the Abnormality camouflage has been given to everyone. Players can navigate to the events tab to claim the reward.

Past rewards for passing 10 million (Abnormality frag grenade), 25 million (Abnormality knife), 50 million (Abnormality wingsuit), and 100 million (Abnormality frame) matches played can be claimed as well.

Image via Activision

The HS2126 is a shotgun that has an ammo capacity of 16 bullets. In other CoD games, it’s known as the M1216. The weapon has the highest fire rate among all shotguns in the game, making it an ideal gun for short-ranged maps.