CoD: Mobile is collaborating with Puerto Rican singer Ozuna

A new character themed around the artist will be joining the game.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile is collaborating with popular Puerto Rican singer Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado (commonly known as Ozuna).

While the game hasn’t officially announced the tie-up, the singer unveiled the collab through a story on Instagram.

Screengrab via Instagram

Based on the story, it appears that the loading screen for the upcoming season seven will read “Call of Duty: Mobile presents Ozuna.” The 29-year-old singer, whose second album, Aura, reached No.7 on the Billboard 200, has also changed his profile picture on Instagram and Twitter to what looks like a character in CoD: Mobile.

The character will likely be added in season seven. Aside from this, it’s unclear what this partnership means for the game and artist at the moment.

Ozuna’s Twitter banner also revealed the name of the upcoming season. The seventh season of CoD: Mobile will be called Elite of the Elite. It will bring two new maps (Monastery and Scrapyard 2019), modes (Solid Gold and Payout Search and Destroy), weapons (Hades and Crossbow), and more.

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This wouldn’t be Ozuna’s first collaboration in the gaming sphere, though. Last April, the Puerto Rican singer announced a partnership with the gaming organization XSET. As a part of this, he’s become a managing partner of the Boston-based org.