CLG on trial

You may be seated is heard all across the courtroom in unison seats are taking.

A case for CLG 2016

  You may be seated is heard all across the courtroom in unison seats are taking. The Jury is full of reddit detectives and twitter anaylsts. The defendants know they will have a long and drawn out trail ahead of them. The plaintiffs are confident that even Mr. Sin could try this case. Judge Hodson motions over to the plaintiffs bench for their opening statement.

  (Mr. Guthman a tall gently aged man walks confidently and slowly towards the jury with a grin from ear to ear while smirking at the defendants bench.)

  Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury this is a clear and cut case. The evidence I will provide will lay out how Counter Logic Gaming downgraded in 2 of their 5 roles along with keeping their weakest link. Injustice was done here not only to the fans, but also to the great  NALCS. I will prove how CLG will be relegated spring 2016 He smirks at the defendants again before he takes his seat.

  (The head Lawyer Ms. Smith for the defendants now stands. This case was dropped on her because no one else wanted to take the case. Nerves build as the outcome of the case would be a huge break in her career)

  With her composure finally under control she speaks the words beautifully and eloquently with the jury hanging onto every word. Concluding with ,and that is why I will prove Counter Logic Gaming isn’t guilty of being on thier way of being relegated.

  (The plaintiff points to exhibit A on the television) XSmithy

In the above video you see our Expert MonteCristo explaining how easy this play was he even mentions how he could make this play. Some context about MonteCristo he is an expert on this subject ,but he is only in silver so he lacks the mechanically skills that the players on trail have to maintain such a high ELO. Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury as you can see the evidence is black and white this is a clear cut case.

(Exhibit B appears on the television) Doublelift

  The evidence you just seen is proof of how legendary Doublelift is. His nickname isn’t pentalift for nothing. His replacement Stixxay has no track record for Success there is simply no proof to the pudding. Simply there is no way an unproven commodity can be better than a proven one.

(Mr. Guthman calls his witnesses ex CLG fans)

  Captain Monk [email protected] Nov 1
Thought I was a CLG fan, but after what’s been going on recently it turns out I’m a Doublelift fan! Go TSM 2016!

  THEREWASNOTHING [email protected] Nov 1
Never thought I would see the words ‘TSM Doublelift’ outside of dank memes. SO unexpected. Looks like I’m a TSM supporter now. FeelsWeirdMan

  Dilitha Weerawardana [email protected] Nov 1
Can’t believe CLG out kicked Double lift.!! CLG is dead to me. Now I have to buy a TSM icon on league. @clgaming @TeamSoloMid @TSMDoublelift

  (Ms. Smith Starts her counter argument presents XSmithy’s Summer splits stats Summer split stats)

  XSmithy was 7-2 on gragas and 2-0 of Reksai in the summer split one bad play doesn’t define the player. Experience is also in his favor his synergy with Darshan is also top notch as shown at IEM San Jose.

  Huhi and Stixxay are young and up to the task at hand. Stixxay is a smart player that won’t make the many mistakes that Doublelift would make thinking he could make the play. They are 2 very different players trading lane dominance for good decision making. Huhi potential is untapped and he replaces a player that continuously never lived up to the hype in Pobelter the one groomed for greatness only to be mediocre.

  (Lastly I call Tony Gray coach of CLG to the stand the mastermind behind the team.)

  Mr. Gray you were the one running the strategy in 2015 true or false?

Mr.Gray: True

  You were behind the OGN rotations?

Mr.Gray: yes i was

Thankyou Mr. Gray no further questions

(Closing remakes Plaintiffs first)

  The evidence is all in front of you I presented you XSmithy who fails a simple play. Doublelift the superstar of the team leaves a huge void that quite simply wasn’t filled. The fans no longer have the faith that they once had. I know you will do the right thing and side with the plaintiffs. CLG is going to get relegated in spring 2016

(closing remarks Defendants)

  I remind you that one play doesn’t define the player. Huhi and Stixxay are unknown ,but could be really good with a little time. Huhi only has to be better than average and stixxay could be more value later in games not trying to always make the big  play. I want to also remind you that Tony Gray is still the coach of CLG and is very capable of out rotating more skillful talent filled teams with strategy. CLG is not dead ,but very much alive and still a threat in LCS.


(Judge Hudson sends the Jury to reach their final decision)

You the Jury decides the outcome of this trail.

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