Christmas-themed Raid map could return to Call of Duty: Mobile in season 13

A lot more is coming with the new season.

Image via Activision

With Call of Duty: Mobile’s 13th season just 10 days away, Activision has started dropping some teasers of what fans can expect from the upcoming season.

Today, Activision posted a picture on the game’s official social media handles of the Raid map covered in snow. The caption said “the snow will be shoveled and plowed” before the map arrives. This likely means that the Christmas-themed Raid map from CODM’s second season could be coming to the game in season 13.

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Other than Christmas Raid, Activision also teased another map last week. It is unclear which map it is based on in the teaser, however. Fans have speculated that it could be the winter-themed Nuketown from Black Ops 4, but it could be a CoD: Mobile exclusive as well.

The next season will also introduce a new rank series to the game. Activision usually releases a bigger update when this happens.

Fans will not have to wait long to see the contents of the season 13 update, though. Activision has confirmed that a public test build will be coming soon. A public test build is usually released ahead of a big update to test out new features. Besides this, a new community update will also be coming out on Dec. 7, which could drop some hints about the new season.