Can Tyrunt and Tyrantrum be Shiny in Pokémon Go?

For fans who want their dinosaurs in a different color.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go’s new Season of Go is here, starting the month of June with two special events. After Go Fest 2022 on June 4 and 5, it’s time for the return of Adventure Week, which runs from June 7 to 12.

In this year’s edition of the fan-favorite event, players will once again find Rock-type Pokémon, along with Fossil Pokémon, more frequently in the wild and in seven-kilometer eggs. During Adventure Week 2022, the two fossils from the sixth generation are making their Pokémon Go debut. Tyrunt and Amaura will be available via Field Research and seven-kilometer eggs.

One thing that trainers are probably wondering is if the Shiny version of their favorite dinosaurs, Tyrant and its evolution Tyrantrum, will be available from the beginning. But the answer might be disappointing.

How to get Shiny Tyrunt and Tyrantrum in Pokémon Go

Unfortunately, you can’t yet. Tyrunt is making his Pokémon Go debut in this event, available initially as a Field Research task encounter and as a 7km egg hatch, but without its Shiny version for now. This also means you can’t get a Shiny Tyrantrum, because Tyrantrum can only be obtained by evolving Tyrunt.

It’s common for new Pokémon releases in the game to not have Shiny versions since Niantic tends to save them to make future events more interesting. Tirtouga and Archen, other Fossil Pokémon that are already in the game, will have their Shiny versions available for the first time in Adventure Week 2022. Hopefully, this means that Shiny Tyrunt and Tyrantrum aren’t that far away, and could appear in a future edition of the event.