Can Amaura and Aurorus be Shiny in Pokémon Go?

Will this aurora shine even more brightly?

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go’s new Season of Go is underway, bringing tons of content to players from the beginning with two special events. Go Fest 2022, which transpires on the weekend of June 4 and 5, will be directly followed by the return of Adventure Week from June 7 to 12.

Adventure Week’s 2022 edition will be the first since 2019. The event typically features Rock-Type and Fossil Pokémon, with new Shiny forms and some new species coming to the game. This year, Tyrunt and Amaura will make their Pokémon Go debut along with their evolutions, Tyrantrum and Aurorus.

But players might be wondering if the Tundra Pokémon will be available as a Shiny, making this aurora shine even more brightly.

How to get Shiny Amaura and Aurorus in Pokémon Go

Both sixth-generation Fossil Pokémon from Kalos can be found in 7km eggs during the event. They will also be available as rewards from Field Research tasks. Aurorus, the evolved form of Amaura, can’t be found on its own and will only be available to players who find and evolve Amaura in the game.

When new Pokémon debut in Go, Niantic usually releases them without their Shiny forms, making these special versions available at a later date. This is the case for Amaura and Aurorus as well. Amaura will not be available as a Shiny from the beginning, which means you also can’t evolve it to a Shiny Aurorus.

For Adventure Week 2022, there are two Shiny forms making their Pokémon Go debut: Tirtouga and Archen. The regular forms of these two Unova Pokémon have been available in the game since January 2020. Hopefully, it won’t take two full years for Amaura and Aurorus to be available as shinies in the game.