Call of Duty: Mobile season one, 2022: Full patch notes and updates

A lot of new features are here.

Image via Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile’s first season of 2022 is here.

The new season, which is called Heist, will mark the Lunar New Year. And a lot of in-game features have been added to the game for the occasion. This includes the Red Envelope mode and Nuketown Temple. Two new weapons, maps, modes, and other additions are also coming to the game this season.

Here are the complete patch notes for CoD: Mobile’s season one.

Battle pass


A lot of camos, blueprints, and other items will be available in the free pass. Here are two highlights:

  • Tier 14: Storm Ball tactical item:
  • Tier 21: PPSh-41 SMG


Here are some highlights of the Premium pass:

  • Operators: Makarov — Kingfish, Yuri — Bratok, Iskra — Whitechapel, and Ajax — Bouncer.
  • Weapons: Rytec AMR — Master Plan, Man-O-War —Sterling Ace, PKM — Gilded Lion, and more


New maps


  • Black Ops 4’s Hacienda is coming to CoD: Mobile in season one.
Image via Activision

Nuketown Temple

  • The Nuketown map is getting a makeover in aniticpation for the Lunar New Year.
Image via Activision

New tactical grenade


  • When the Stormball is thrown, a spherical barrier is formed. It blocks the enemy’s line of sight and also prevents enemies inside it from regenarating their health.
Image via Activision

New game modes


  • The new season is named after this game mode.
  • As the name suggests, players have to loot gold coins from safes while taking down enemies to acheive victory.

Payout Search and Destroy

  • The Payout Search and Destroy is joining the ranked MP playlist for a limited time.

Red envelope confirmed

  • This mode is a 10-vs-10 Kill Confirmed, but is themed around the Lunar New Year.
  • Instead of dog tags, players have to retrieve Red Envelopes.

Map update


  • The skylights in the wine cellar have been updated to players to throw various props through the skylights.

Other updates

  • Activision has added a function where attachments will remain equipped when switching blueprints.
  • The model quality in the MVP Killcam has been optimized.
  • A zoom function has been added in the map display for drawing the Orbital Laser line.
  • The screen freeze and frame drops when using the MQ-27 Dragonfire and Hawk X3 have been alleviated.
  • The account progression and weapon experience gains for MP have been balanced.
  • The momentum of the M13 has been adjusted to match the weapon sprint speed.

Battle royale

Function update

  • When the attachments are actively discarded, players will no longer pick up attachments of the same type or any quality class within 30 seconds.
  • The pick-up failure rate while players are experiencing poor network has been alleviated.
  • The display of the advanced attachments of the spectator has been enlarged.
  • The environmental sound effect has been optimized while players are in the wild.
  • The text prompt when players exit the BR mode has been updated.

Gameplay adjustment

Sniper challenge mode adjustments

  • All pistol weapons, excluding the MW11, will no longer appear in this mode.
  • The recommended list of customized sniper rifles and equipment has been updated. When there is no sniper rifle in the backpack, a customized sniper rifle recommended by the designer will be displayed.

New function

  • You can now enter spectate mode with the Warfare Mode.

Map optimized

  • The structure of the Blackout map has been adjusted to optimize overall gaming experience and performance.
  • Some areas of snow and ice have been added to Blackout.

New weapons

Image via Activision

Kilo 141

  • Kilo 141 is a fully-automatic assault rifles and does higher damage in headshots. It has an average firing rate and damage.


  • PPSh-41 is a low-precision SMG. It’s large magazine makes it ideal for hip-firing enemies at close range.

New weapon inspection

  • A new inspection feature has been added for some mythic weapons.

Battle performance optimization

Muzzle smoke effect

  • Activision has added different effects for different types of muzzle fire smoke.
  • The developers have also added effects for muzzle heat dissipation smoke. The muzzle heat dissipation smoke will start appearing after more than 10 continuous shots.

Weapon performance update

  • The weapon handling has been improved.
  • The action models for grenade throwing has been optimized.
  • The realistic sight effect has been improved.
  • The performance of gun swing when hip firing and ADS moving have been optimized.

Clan wars

Clan war update

  • The personal contribution rules have been adjusted. Players will now have to team-up with other members in the Clan for node competitions to increase the weekly clan credit reward coefficient and obtain character fragment rewards
  • Entry restrictions have also been modified.

Balance adjustments



  • The third-stage range damage has been increased: 22-19-16-12 to 22-19-18-12.
  • The first period of range has been increased: Eight to 10 meters.


  • Tactical reload time: Four to 3.4 seconds
  • Empty reload time: Five to 4.1 seconds


  • First range damage: 26 to 28
  • Head damage ratio: 1.2 to 1.3
  • Chest damage ratio: 1 to 1.15


  • Range increase in the first segment: Seven to nine meters
  • Range increase in the second segment: 13 to 15 meters
  • Tactical reload time: 2.3 to 2.1 seconds
  • Empty reload time: 2.8 to 2.5 seconds

D13 Sector

  • Ejection times: Three to four
  • Ammunition: One to two


  • Players will now have to wait for a while when using cancelled scorestreaks that need to be used by clicking on the minimap.
  • The cooling time of XS1 Goliath after overheating has been reduced.
    The aiming assistance of the Hawk X3 has been improved.

Operator skill

  • The Purifier’s firing rate, direct hit damage and number of initial bullets have been increased.

Ranked match update


  • Solo players will earn more ranked points when queded agaisnt a premade team lobby.
  • The new season’s rank reset rules have been adjusted for the top 5,000 players.
  • The rarity of calling cards for the top 5,000 players have been adjusted to legendary from this season.
  • Pre-made team composition mismatches during matchmaking has been improved. The chances of matching against different team sizes is now significantly less.
  • Matchmaking bands during the start of the season have been widened as there are not many high ranked players at the beginning of the season. Solo players will be matched against players with a similar or a lower rank.
  • Team Deathmatch/Frontline rank bonuses are now more dependent on personal performance instead of match outcome.

Other system updates

Loadout adjustment

  • Players can now change their loadouts while they are queuing for matches.

Sensitivity setting adjustment

  • The gyroscope now has separate adjustments for firing sensitivity and normal state sensitivity.
  • Scope precision now has separate adjustments for the red dot sight and holographic sight to enhance player handling.

Jump control update

  • An advance control for Jump and Climb in settings has been added. If this option is selected, players will have to flick the jump button upwards to climb over walls. This will prevent players from accidentally climbing over walls.

Battle royale medicine settings

  • The medicine setting for BR health item recommendation can now be turned off to avoid item switches in user shortcuts.