Call of Duty: Mobile season 9 roadmap revealed

There are a lot of features coming to the game over the next month.

Image via Activision

Halloween has arrived into Call of Duty: Mobile with season nine, called Nightmare.

While the content update for the ninth season has already dropped in-game, all the new features haven’t been released yet. Just like past seasons, these will be released gradually throughout season nine.

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Currently, players can enjoy the return of the Undead Siege mode with a few upgrades and the Drop Zone mode. When season nine officially begins tomorrow, the battle pass will contain the new Swordfish rifle and the TAK-5 operator skill.

Later in the season, the following features will be released.

Halloween Standoff

  • The Halloween-themed map is coming back to CoD: Mobile.
  • It will be released in late October.

Pumpkin Confirmed

  • The Halloween-themed mode is returning to the game in late October.
  • The mode is similar to the Kill Confirmed, except the dog tags are replaced by pumpkins.

Havoc Sawmill

  • This will be the newest map in CoD: Mobile.
  • The Modern Warfare map will arrive on mobile devices in early November.

Charly – Wolves

  • The operator will be available in the credit store in early November.


  • This is the newest battle royale class which allows players to jetpack into the air.
  • It will be released in mid-November.

Seasonal Challenges

  • A new piece of tactical equipment, weapon, and blueprint will be released through seasonal challenges. Players will have to complete missions to get these.
    • Flash Drone: The tactical equipment will be released in mid-November.
    • Thumper: The explosive weapon will be released in mid-November.
    • Razorback – Alter Ghoul: The new blueprint will be available in mid-November.