Call of Duty: Mobile season 2 to introduce 2 new modes

Activision has been teasing new features to the game for the past few weeks.

Screengrab via Activision

Activision revealed today that two new modes will be arriving in the second season of Call of Duty: Mobile: the Tank Battle BR mode and Gunfight Sniper.

The Tank Battle mode will be available in the game on March 18 at 6pm CT. In this mode, players have to collect five components to assemble a tank. These components can be found on vending machines scattered across Isolated.

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The vending machines offer a variety of components. Players will have a choice of choosing between weapons and armors to build their tanks. The vending machines also stocks other accessories such as the anti-tank sticky grenades and delay bombs. These are handy for taking down opponents’ tanks.

The Tank Battle BR mode will be available in CoD: Mobile until March 24 at 6pm CT.

On the other hand, Gunfight Sniper is a three-vs-three multiplayer mode. It follows the same rules as the two-vs-two mode in which a single match is divided into separate rounds. Teams have to work together to eliminate all enemies and win the round. The first team to secure six rounds will win the match.

As the mode’s name suggests, players will be equipped with only sniper rifles that changes every two rounds. The mode will be available on Reclaim, Cage, Gulag, Shipment, Pine, and King from March 25 (6pm CT) to March 31 (6pm CT).

CoD: Mobile's second season is expected to begin on March 10. Based on past patterns, the season two content update should arrive a day before this.