Call of Duty: Mobile season 2 is called Task Force 141

A new weapon, scorestreak, map, and more are coming this season.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season two is almost here and Activision has revealed some of the new features coming to the game. Task Force 141 will begin on Feb. 23 at 6pm CT.

As usual, the new season will arrive with a new battle pass. There are two variants of the BP: the free version and the premium pass, the latter of which offers better rewards. Players can unlock the new Chopper Gunner Scorestream and the JAK-12 Shotgun at tiers 14 and 21 of the free BP, respectively.

The Premium Pass costs 220 CP, and season two contains operators like the Alex – Hard Wired and Charly – Striker along with blueprints like the ASM10 – Snakeskin, Outlaw – Crash Course, Type 25 – Bolt Press, and the JAK-12 – Treecutter. Besides this, rewards such as Calling Cards, Charms, and CoD Points will be up for grabs in the pass.

Besides the new weapon and scorestreak, CoD: Mobile’s season two will reveal a new map in the mobile game. Hardhat, which first appeared in Modern Warfare 3, is joining CoD: Mobile.

The themed event of CoD: Mobile’s season two is called Counter Intel. Players have to complete daily missions to liberate a city infiltrated by terrorists. The event offers the QXR – Gentleman’s Side Arm, the Minotaur – Maze Keeper, the Charm – Nutcracker, and more rewards.