Call of Duty: Mobile releases Halloween-themed update with new mode, operator skill, and more

It's spooky-season.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile has released a new Halloween-themed update today. The update is about 90MB and contains a new game mode, operator skill, and battle royale class.

The Hardpoint mode has come to the game with this update. Players have to capture and control a Hardpoint which moves to different locations of the map in this five-vs-five mode.

The Sparrow is the newest operator skill in CoD: Mobile which is basically a bow and arrow. Its range increases the longer it is drawn.

A new battle royale class which had been previously leaked is present in the update as well. The Airborne class summons an ejection device that can send entire teams in the air to glide and quickly rotate around the map.

The Molotov cocktail scorestreak is now available in the game. It sets a small area on fire and deals continuous damage. It can be earned by getting 300 consecutive points without being killed.

The revamped Standoff map
Screengrab via Activision

Going with the Halloween vibe, a new menu and in-game music have been introduced to CoD: Mobile. The Standoff map has also received a spooky and dark new look. Players who download the update by Oct. 27 will receive a weapon XP card and Battle Crate for doing the same.

Activision has also promised to release more Halloween-themed content during this festive season. We could perhaps see the zombie mode and more limited-time modes dropping in the game soon.