Call of Duty: Mobile loot box odds disclosed

It's all thanks to policies from Apple and Google.

Image via Activision

The gaming world would be lost without loot boxes. The randomness of the contents gives the same thrill as gambling. Arguably, it is gambling, which is why Apple and Google force companies to disclose the odds of loot box contents. 

And now, the recently-released Call of Duty: Mobile has revealed the odds of each rarity within the game’s loot boxes, according to Charlie Intel. The screen comes up prior to a loot box purchase, indicating the likelihood of the three rarity levels: green uncommon items, rare blue items, and epic purple items. The odds are as follows:

  • Epic purple: 0.80 percent
  • Rare blue: 44.47 percent
  • Uncommon green: 54.73 percent

These odds emphasize the gambling nature of loot boxes with their less-than-random elements. Each box, upon opening, will roll these odds and determine loot based on the numbers above. A common misconception is that purchasing more boxes will reduce these odds. The numbers don’t change per box, and in reality, your odds are no better with multiple boxes than they are with one. Multiple boxes just encourage spending and give the player more chances to roll better numbers.

Apple and Google are aware of the controversy surrounding loot boxes. Apple, for example, requires game publishers to reveal the odds, prompting Call of Duty: Mobile’s disclosure. The policy says that the odds of “randomized virtual items” must be disclosed prior to purchase. 

Apple and Google aren’t alone in this disclosure policy, either. In the console world, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony will also require game publishers to reveal loot box numbers in the coming months.