C9 and TSM clinch playoff spots: NA LCS Week 6, Day 3 Recap

Team SoloMid and Cloud9 stepped up to the plate, while the bottom dwellers stirred.

With just three weeks remaining in the split, the standings are taking shape and teams are fighting for their lives. The top teams are securing playoff spots, and the bottom teams are just trying to avoid the relegation tournament.

(4-8) Team Dignitas 0-2 Team SoloMid (10-2)

Dignitas took the lead early on in the first game, as the squad had control of the game and used that to take Baron in order to extend their lead. When they went for their second Baron, that’s where the problems started. Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen stole the Baron, and TSM used that advantage to catapult into the lead, never looking back until they took the game.

Dignitas played well in the early game again, but were unable to capitalize on the advantage and soon fell behind TSM. Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnel’s 10/3/1 performance on Rumble carried TSM to a game two victory and another series win for the team.

(5-7) Echo Fox 2-1 Team Liquid (3-9)

After the successful debut of Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin in the mid lane on Friday, Team Liquid hoped to gain another win against Echo Fox. Despite losing First Blood, Echo Fox recovered to take a large lead and steadily closed out the game, ending with over a 10,000 gold lead.

Game two was much closer between the two teams. Echo Fox still managed to find a small lead, but Team Liquid closed the gap and eventually took a late lead. In a 50-minute barn burner, Liquid took game two and forced a third game in the series.

Though the kills were even for much of the third game, Echo Fox was outplaying Liquid in a macro sense by taking more objectives. Echo Fox continued to push Liquid back into their base, eventually taking a dominant victory to seal the series.

(10-2) Cloud9 2-0 FlyQuest (7-5)

The much anticipated rematch between Cloud9 and FlyQuest was even early on, and neither team could find a strong advantage over the other. The game opened up for Cloud9 after they won a large teamfight and took Baron, which gave C9 the resources to win the first game.

The teams played another even game before Cloud9 took a similar small gold lead. Two Barons from FlyQuest, however, allowed them to close that gap and brought the veterans back into the game. Cloud9 did not falter, and instead took a Baron of their own in the latter stages of the game, using the buff and superior teamifighting to win the game and the series.

(5-7) Immortals 1-2 Team EnVyUs (3-9)

The two teams played a tight early game, with both squads taking kills and objectives. Immortals took a Baron that broke the game wide open and led them to take the game one victory with ease.

Immortals had the lead early, but the squad was unable to fully utilize its lead. EnVyUs slowly built up their strength and eventually started to win teamfights that led to objectives, eventually earning the lead. EnVyUs used their lead effectively and closed out the 46-minute game, forcing a third game in the series.

EnVyUs got off to a quick start in game three, bringing the fight to Immortals and not letting them get comfortable. A series of slight blunders from Immortals gave EnVyUs an early lead. Snowballing that lead, EnVyUs closed out the game and won their third series of the split.

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